Community & Communication


The main developer of MMT is Florian Rabe.

Currently substantial contributions are being made by Dennis Müller and Tom Wiesing. Moreover, various members and students of the kwarc research group work on individual projects relating to MMT.

How to get help

Static sources of help:

  • this very documentation website
  • the wiki containing fixes for common error messages, some FAQs, and miscellaneous helpful blobs of information that are not quite relevant or polished enough for the above documentation website.

Interactive sources of help: (i.e. with humans answering)

  • recommended for newcomers: The MMT channel on our MatterMost instance. All questions related to MMT are welcome — from end users to API developers, from broad to very specific. With your GitHub account, you can easily join: at the previous link, first click on GitLab redirecting you to our internal GitLab instance, there click on GitHub, and finally confirm this action in the appearing dialog.

    Among others, we also have a dedicated channel for Math Formalizations in MMT. Feel free to join such rooms at our MatterMost instance.

  • StackOverflow with mmt tag (great for pin-pointed questions of general interest, e.g. recurring beginner questions)

    In case you don’t get an answer there, feel free to remind us by sending a link to the StackOverflow question on the MMT MatterMost channel above.

  • Mailing lists (great for longer “big picture” questions)


      Communication between developers and users as well as among users. Announcements about MMT (e.g., new releases) as well as any general requests or inquiries.


      Communication between developments. More technical.

How to contribute code/feature requests/report bugs

Consult UniFormal/MMT on GitHub. Users are encouraged to submit issues for bug reports, feature requests, etc.